Group ID count has jumped nearly 15 million

At some stage in the last 24 hours, the group ID count has increased by nearly 15 million. - 2023-04-13T23:11:14.947Z - 2023-04-26T12:54:52.4406593Z - Groups around this range return no data. They don’t exist. Keep looking at random IDs between 17,500,000 and 32,000,000, all should return no data.

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{"data":[{"id":32000000,"name":"King Ninja Cat Group","description":"BigKitteNinja's group","owner":{"id":4136118713,"type":"User"},"created":"2023-04-13T23:11:22.357Z","hasVerifiedBadge":false}]}
{"data":[{"id":17412877,"name":"##### #### ######123","description":"Batychicos","owner":{"id":3879309530,"type":"User"},"created":"2023-04-13T23:11:14.947Z","hasVerifiedBadge":false}]}

Every ID between 17412877 and 32000000 does not exist as a group.

Best of luck to the engineer trying to find the changes that occured between 2023-04-13T23:11:14.947Z and 2023-04-13T23:11:22.357Z (13/04/2023 @ 23:11:14.947 GMT and 23:11:22.357 GMT)

EDIT: I did the maths, based on the last 6 months worth of groups, this mistake causes 6 years worth of new groups to be jumped.


I forget if it was users or groups, but I recall a similar issue happening a very long time ago (which I believe may have been intentional) where at some point any ID starting with 1337 didn’t exist (I forget how many digits at the end there were)

Jumping by that much is definitely not normal though. I doubt it was a typo considering such a huge amount was skipped and to such a specific number too (starting with 32) but I can’t think of any possible explanation as to why it also ended on such an odd number (17412877, or at least erroring at 17412878)

Edit: Someone replied to me saying they couldn’t find what I was talking about, and I replied to them saying I was unable to find a source for what I’m talking about and was in turn likely misremembering what I was thinking about. I feel that information is worth noting down. (Someone maliciously flagged our posts which is why they’re not here)


Hi @railworks2, thank you for this information.

Recently the Groups database underwent a migration that also included a change in the Group primary id to avoid conflicts during this process. This number jump is expected.


Hey there, thanks for this information.

Do you have any further information? We rely on the last known group ID to calculate the number of groups on Roblox. Of course this has some major changes to how we need to calculate this and understanding further may guide us better on how best to deal with this change and any similar change in the future.

Hey railworks we do not account for enumerating groups like this as a supported use case, or for any entity ID space really for that matter. We have not provided and do not provide any guarantees about ID spaces for entities being incremental and/or without gaps so please do not rely on this for production work.


What are you using the total number of groups on Roblox for? Seems very niche.

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Site wide analytics, it’s useful data to understand on how the platform is operating. (As seen in the original post)


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