Creating a new badge on my game just gave me a ridiculously long Badge ID?

I have no clue if this is a bug or what, but it certainly doesn’t look right.

I’ve just created a badge for my experience - and after creating the badge I went to copy the ID to add something on studio and I’m greeted with this behemoth badge ID.

Compared to a badge I made 2 weeks ago?

Expected behavior

I expect my game to not have such a large ID, it’s not a major issue, but a badge I made a couple of weeks ago had no where near as many numbers as this one.


BadgeIds recently skipped an insane amount of IDs, the last ‘normal badge’ (IE: not an insanely large number) can be found here: gato - Roblox

Edit: A slight clarification because this reply was made before more information was released; this change was seemingly made in order to randomise badge IDs / adapt to new technologies. All former uses of badges should remain unaffected except any use-case related to iterating over badges by adding 1 to the id, which will no longer function.


This behaviour screams what happened to groups earlier in the year


Hi there! Thanks for the report. This is intended behavior; we don’t make any guarantees on the ID sequence of badges.


will this be eventually applied to all of the other Asset types?


Hello There, Will there be a fix to this?

I can assume that there are probably gonna be problems with scripting if this doesnt get fixed.

Edit: Badge Scripts are broken.

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Only new badges will have long id, so presumably badge scripts won’t break.

Why necessarily has this change been done?
Also, is this change permanent and are the IDs truly randomized?

They just said that this was intended behaviour. So no this will not be “fixed”.

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This will have no effect on scripting as a typical badge reward script will not need to increment through badgeIDs.


This change is backwards, and better not be coming out to everything. It’s long, looks bad, and will be next to impossible to memorize if it comes to user IDs.

I don’t even have a scraper that I’m complaining about, I just really don’t like the length.

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Please make sure to revert this update as it used to be fun to just badge hop from 1 ID to another.
This is a update, we never asked for Roblox.

Sure you could apply it to MeshIDs and such as that will stop leaking but why this.

If it cant be done, make sure to make a option if it will show up as a long one or short and like the old again.

This new ID is too large to fit into the lua safe integer range of 2^53. Any locations using numbers to store asset ids will now fail. Someone screwed up :confused:


The way I was navigating to badges changed. The only way I know now is through the analytics engagement section. Is there an easier way that I am missing?

I might be missing something but this still looks safe? 1817955101345922 < 9007199254740992. As long as the generated ID doesn’t go beyond the latter and lower exponents are still acceptable as a generation range, since supposedly the last numerically contiguous badge is around 2^31.


well, perhaps I was wrong. I just looked at the number and it looks 64-bit. Finger crossed I suppose…

There fortunately is a handy tool for remembering text, as well as quickly re-using said saved text. Here is a brief tutorial:

If you are wanting to memorize and re-use any ID or text in general, almost all devices have a “copy and paste” function. Highlight the text in question and activate the alternate action prompt menu, and hit copy.

You are now able to use this text by activating the alternate action prompt menu and pressing paste. You can paste the text in a file for easy memorization.

Thank you for reading and good luck on your ID journey.


We don’t officially support iterating over badges that aren’t yours like this as a use case. We haven’t made any guarantees about the entity ID space being incrementing or without gaps.

This change does not break any use cases around creating, awarding or viewing badges.

If you have a problem that is solved by iterating badges like you say, please post a feature request about that problem (not about this solution) so that, if many people have the same kind of issues, we can figure out a better solution to solve your issue that doesn’t involve +1-ing the IDs to find things.


We specifically limit the ID space to be within the safe range for Lua, no worries.


Thank you, was a bit worried! This will be a great change!

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