Group info wont change after editing the text and clicking the save button ?!

Howdy ; In this Group : ;
I got all Admin rights besides the one that only the group holder can have .

Including the right to change the Group info text including a obvious save button ; but after editing the text and pressing this save button i get sent back to group admin page and the text didn’t changed at all ??! :scream:

Iam not sure if this is some sort of bug or if iam doing something wrong ?

This “bug” happens each time i try to change the group text ;so far i tried to change it 4 times this year ; each time the group holder/real owner has to change it since it fails for me ): ?

There’s no permission to change the group description – only the owner can do that. The save button being there and the textbox not being locked is a visual bug.


good to know ): hope they fix this then ; anyways iam gonna suggest to give group members the right to edit and save it.