Group Information for MMQ

Informative Insight into the MMQ Universe

MMQ(Minecraft Mastick Quest) Incorporated is the original corporation establishment, and is the parent corporation of UNFLT(Underrighting Neutralize Frequency Lieutenant Technologies), a very large company owned by MMQ, composed of equally large subdivisions. Additionally, MMQ oversees operation of all separate divisions including UNFLT and affiliated companies or armies.
USTP(UNFLT Security Team Premium) is a large multi-planetary military division, with it being the largest subdivision of UNFLT.
UETP(UNFLT Emergency Team Premium) is the second largest subdivision, with it having three of its own subdivisions to handle three specific types of emergencies respectively. Fire, Medical, and Hazmat are the three subdivisions, and what they handle is self-explanatory.
UNFLT Technological is a R&D subdivision of UNFLT that always works together with MMQDC to engineer new technologies and/or upgrade existing ones.
UNFLT Executive Honors is the executive division of UNFLT, composed of all the executive heads of both MMQ and UNFLT.
MMQ Intelligence Agency is an Omni-planetary surveillance and intelligence division of MMQ tasked with monitoring and moderating the daily, weekly, annual, and unexpected internal affairs within MMQ and UNFLT.
MMQ Development Construction is the main construction division of both UNFLT and MMQ. They design and build facilities/bases/buildings for UNFLT and MMQ; and are also tasked with major repairs whenever the need arises. Additionally, they construct some of the technologies designed by UNFLT Technological that are used by USTP, UETP, and MMQ Intelligence Agency.
UNFLT Quantum Quality Assurance is the main quality assurance division of both MMQ and UNFLT, utilized by both respective development divisions to ensure that technologies and constructs built are of high quality. However, there are occasionally noticable alterior motives that this division has, and appears to funnel some funding into The Corporate Insurgency as a method of testing and evaluating Security defense system technologies, power, and effectiveness.
Corporal Incorporated is a rival corporation of both MMQ and UNFLT. However, they have always been consistently behind MMQ and UNFLT in terms of size and power. Because of this, they formed a separate military division. Known as The Corporate Insurgency, or sometimes referenced as Corporal Incorporated(even though this is an partially incorrect name affiliation), this paramilitary insurgency will use whatever opportunity they have to attempt to destroy and take over MMQ/UNFLT facilities/bases/buildings, or use them to their advantage.
Forum Media Subdivisions is a separate division that is managed both by MMQ and UNFLT, and is the main media production division for both corporation and company.
MMQ Investigators Agency(Not to be confused with MMQ Intelligence Agency) is a public investigation division of MMQ. It does research into viruses in laboratories and various events inside and outside of MMQ with the help of volunteering investigators.
UNFLT Aerospace Delta, an aviation and space division; is a dedicated division of UNFLT that often with the help of UNFLT Technological, designs and creates various aircraft and spacecraft, and also uses the aircraft or supplies them to other UNFLT subdivisions. The division also tests aircraft and has established spacecraft launch sites to transport public passengers to space facilities, off-world bases, and other constructed space infrastructure.
Reactor Picture Studios is a completely separate company from UNFLT, but has heavy affiliations with MMQ. Like Forum Media Subdivisions, it is a media company, however it is focused on reactor designs and constructs made by MMQ and UNFLT; sometimes even from other corporations or companies.

Additional Subdivisions

UNFLT Premium Security Elites is a USTP subdivision consisting of elite security members with more experience and skill than normal security members. Typically used to execute high-risk offensive operations. UNFLT 1st Recruitment is a military army affiliated with USTP. This army helps deliver additional supplies and recruit members for USTP, while still being an separate operational military force. UNFLT Veteran Honors is a group of retired honored individuals who have served the MMQ and UNFLT company well during their time of working for them, and as such have been reserved a special spot in the Veteran Honors club, which comes with very special benefits. MMQ Reviewal Board is a specific internal affairs division of MMQ that works with the MMQ Intelligence Agency to handle internal incidents within MMQ or UNFLT when they happen to arise. It also is in charge of handling appeal requests, half of the paperwork that Intelligence handles, and public information organization.