Group Locked Games


I am desperately searching for the setting to enable group-only access for group games however I cannot find it? Did they get rid of the option? My other games have it enabled.

I am not interested in a script, I just really need the setting that is provided!!


That is ususally done by a script in game like so:

local groupId = -- Id of your group.
local Players = game.Players

if not player:IsInGroup(groupId) then
player:Kick("Not in group")
  • Go to
  • Go to the side bar and click “Creations”
  • Then select “View as” and choose the group the game is owned by
  • Go to “Audience” in the side bar and click “Access Settings”
  • Click the “Access Type” list and select “Group Members”
  • Scroll down and click save and you’re all done!
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