Group Logo and GFX Help!


I want to make a Group Logo!

But, I need help in trying to learn how to do this, and I always have a question! How do I get the background of these sort of Group Logo/GFXs?

You’ll see in the images.

Image Examples


If you can help me learn the details and how to make these logos, that would be brilliant!


You may talk to me on here, or add my Discord.

Discord: Pandie#0100

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For the first one, use a liquify tool in your photo editing software. You can also search up liquified backgrounds in google.


I’m no graphic designer, but I probably think they used Photoshop and/or Cinema 3D, since I think I’ve seen those type of art in Juan’s Graphics or Preville Graphics.

When you make GFXs, did you use Photoshop?

I can agree with you regarding the programs you mentioned, I’m a graphic designer who uses Photoshop and Cinema 4D (its 4 not 3 :slight_smile:) and I would be able to produce similar.

Do you know the font used in the 1st Picture?

I think the “cyntic” text is “rocka & billy”
You should join the Roblox Graphics Community server, I’ll send you an invite later. :slight_smile:

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I would recommend using blender for the render of the characters, but just either make a background or find an image that ISN’T someone elses or copyrighted!