Group Member Count Frozen

Ever since of last night, every single group on Roblox has been experiencing a bug with the member count being frozen and not increasing.


It’s not updating at all and this is major bug occuring since last night.

How to reproduce?

  • Accept any new group members and see if anything changes if not it’s frozen, check the Configure Group > Members and check the ranks with amount of members and well.



My group has also had the exact same amount of members since the last time I checked at about 2 PM EST today. It says 18,966. I was expecting to hit 19K members today but it’s stayed the same. We normally don’t get too many joins in one day, but it’s hard to believe we haven’t gotten at least 4.

My affected group:!/about


I’m also experiencing this issue, my group is currently capped at 11,500 members despite accepting a couple pages of new people into it?

My group: 1ik's super secret club - Roblox


My group hasn’t changed all day, but I know people are joining because the member icons are moving. I’m glad I am not the only one experiencing this. @Roblox please notice this and fix it, developers as myself like seeing growth. It doesn’t help when every update there’s always a new error.


Can also confirmed this happened with a group of mine. Ironically enough I just accepted someone in the main group I am running and that in fact did update. Affected group can be seen here.


This is happening with my group as well, and has since yesterday. I had 11 members at the start, and I gained just a few more members (Like 3-5). It’s still frozen, which is odd.

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The group member count will now update going forward - we rolled back a change.

For groups who had members join or leave in the past day, the count may be inaccurate for a couple of days until we fix them.

Thanks for letting us know!


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