Group ownership transfer should require account PIN unlock

I think introducing this is a good idea. There aren’t any clear flaws in the request and as it’s in demand, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be included. If anything it makes handling groups way more secure, and fixes most, if not all of the issues associated with hacked accounts and loosing groups due to a hack.



For now, would it be feasible to move a group to an alt account that is rarely accessed? That alt account could be treated like an admin account. Sure, that alt account would have to have Premium to transfer, but at least the group can’t be stolen if a main account is compromised.

It’s just a thought.

I want these sorts of features that secure any transfer of groups or even trades. I recalled Neopets having PIN #s behind sensitive site features that would change anything drastic to your account.


i strongly support this suggestion. since this happened to an close friend of mine. luckily he managed to get his group back but he lost a ton of group funds.

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This is just a huge engineering failure that isn’t addressed for a long time.

If an owner of the group gets hacked and the hacker transfers the group to someone else. If the owner manages gets back their account, it’s going to be a pain to get that back, mostly in part due to Roblox’s poor customer support team.


Awareness raised since it’s 2020 and the update still hasn’t been made. I wonder if bringing it up at RDC will help its chances more.


We need this. Recently, I witnessed the groups of people close to me get compromised by hackers. From this, they emptied the group funds, and kicked all 25k members from it - he lost a year’s effort of work.

Some users get tricked into giving their RobloSecurity or get tricked into files on discord / links. This is how the user I describe above messed up. This BYPASSES 2-STEP, but NOT the PIN. With this extra security, no damage could have been done to his group or its games. We rely on security to keep us all safe and without this feature it just feels so unsafe going around on your day-to-day basis knowing it could be napped from your clutches at any time - anywhere. Its crazy to be honest with you. You can Never be too safe. The more safe, the better I will feel. I’m a paranoid person.

Some people put their games under a group, and it’s ridiculous how a simple username type can transfer countless years of work in one button press without additional security or precautions. Groups should be as locked to an account as a game is under a player’s account.

Please consider adding this and add it as as soon as possible. For the safety of its users, developers - and for the safety of the platform as a whole.


It’s here :bell: :bell:


Thank you! Long requested by many developers to feel somewhat safer!


BitwiseAndrea & the team at Roblox is responsible, I’m just the messenger here since I know a lot of people actively watch this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my god, it’s finally here!!!

You guys are the best.


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