Group packages not loading in the Toolbox

We can’t view or manage any group packages as they aren’t loading in the Studio Toolbox. No errors in the output. Also did not see anything reported in local Studio logs. This is a blocker given that we can’t manage packages anywhere else (that we know of).


I’ve been having a bunch of internal server errors within the past hour, might be related. Slowing down my testing time by a lot.

This is still occurring for our group. We can’t access any of our existing packages. I suspect this may be due to having packages with very large number of parts in them and not being able to generate the thumbnail? Either way this blocks us from accessing all our packages as there is no other place to browse them other than the Toolbox that we know of. Any word on the status of this issue would be appreciated.

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This is happening to my group as well. We don’t have any packages with high parts it just suddenly stopped loading packages for that specific group. My packages load and other groups’ packages load. I tried restarting studio and testing on a new place but nothing works :confused:

Did you find a solution?

Hi, thanks for reporting! A fix will be released on Wednesday to resolve it. Thanks for your patience!