Group Payout Rules

Hi there! Not so sure if this is the right category but it’s the best I can find.

I want to pay some of my devs (and mutual friends) some Robux from my Roblox group, however I’m not sure on the rules and can’t seem to find an official copy anymore. If someone could clarify if this was OK and Allowed that would be much appreciated.


Of course this is allowed. Giving people Robux is the whole point of the payout feature.

If as far as I know if you can, what is not allowed is to sell Robux for real money or the other that is not allowed is to give Robux for real life houses, as I understand if it is allowed to buy other games and pay Robux if someone tells you. this and correct me I thank you to know if what I say is correct. :grinning:

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