Group Payout Tab Should Include Filter For Groups

As a Roblox developer who is paid per commission, it is currently too hard to find past single payouts if you also have another game that pays you out as a percent of sales.

See below a gif of me checking to make sure a client paid me the correct amount for a commission. They had paid me only three days ago but didn’t tell me (I always check to make sure the payment is correct), and within that time so many small 1-5R$ payouts had happened that the commission payment was almost entirely buried (I had to click the “More Records” box literally 38 times because they only show 20 lines at a time):

This isn’t a great user experience for me, and I can imagine this is a common occurrence for many other devs.

A possible solution for this would be if you selected Group Payouts as a Transaction Type, another drop-down box appears beside it where you can select a group that you’re in in addition to a full list of past payouts just like it currently is (in case you leave the group, you’d still want a payment record somewhere), like this:

[Edit, I copied over the payment lines to a google sheet and it says that I had to scroll through…

739 lines of 1-5R$ payouts!!

just to see if a commission was paid correctly from another group. This isn’t usable at scale!]

Please give your support if you feel the same, and discuss below what your thoughts are! :grin:


While I’m not in a spot where I’m paid in a %, I can agree that this is a major issue. Over the years I have built up a decent amount of purchases, who doesn’t after ten years on Roblox? Sometimes I need to check for the price of an old, no longer on sale item, and it can take minutes upon minutes just to go through those… And that’s just for purchases. It doesn’t help that everything’s still on the page as it’s ever expanding.

I can only imagine this being a lot worse for someone who needs to double check an old payment from a few months ago to keep track of if any changes were agreed upon, only to have to dig through literal months of history. I could easily see that reaching an hour or more of “More Records”

Another thing I’d suggest is filtering by how much a payout has given, such as “Don’t show me any payouts under X robux”, which would be good when dealing with both percents and direct, large payments from the same group.