Group permission to give people developer icon on leaderboard in-game

Hello Developers,

As a Roblox developer, being on a team of developers is hard to get noticed on the game you created as you are not noticeable unlike the game creator with the creator icon.

The current game creator icon (image ) is only given to the person who owns that game, however if Roblox added a feature where there is a section on the games configuration page where you list the username/user ID of someone whom also worked on the game, this means that all developers on that game get recognised as being a developer.

Alternatively (or in addition), the system could also would work with group roles instead, i.e. there would be a role permission to give the people in that role the developer icon in the group’s games.


This would be the icon which is assigned to anyone who has the developer icon switched on in the group or on the list of people set in one game.

Possibly instead of having to list players names yourself, it automatically gives the icon to anyone who is on the team create / edit permissions for that game.

If Roblox is able to address this, it would improve the experience of developers and other content creators, because it will be easier for them to stand out in games based on their achievements / recent activities, and to verify their identity to other users without much effort.


I would like this to be added aswell, I believe that developers of the game should get recognition as owners have theirs too.


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Great idea!
One note: the mock-up that you showed is super similar to the Roblox employee icon and probably wouldn’t be used for regular game owners.

The current way I get my partners a little more noticed is having special dev chat tags that show up in a special color and are preceded with [DEV]. - you can also do a similar thing with custom leaderboards and whatnot I think.