Group Rank Click Door

What do you want to achieve?
A certain group rank and higher are able to click this block. It makes the block invisible so you can now walk through it. If someone wasn’t in the group / was lower than the rank required, the “door” would do nothing.

What is the issue?
I’m clueless with what to do to achieve this. I’m not very good with scripting.

Please check Player | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub for more information on how to do this.

You can use the click detector inside a part which would be your door.

You can then use the mouseclick function to detect when the player clicks it. Then we can use the GetRankInGroup to determine if the player is a certain rank.

if player:GetRankInGroup(1234) > 5 then
--player is in group
--player is not in group

You can simply add what you want to do when they click and they are a certain rank in the group. In the future please have a go yourself and read the roblox api to learn a bit more about the features.