Group Revenue Line Item Search

A search on the line item would be really helpful in case a user claims they have not received what they paid for. Like search by username or search by game, etc.

There are a lot of times I’ve seen where users complain about not receiving items, and some are false while others are legit.

Edit: I do realize that we are supposed to tell them to contact roblox for such issues but, honestly it would be nice if we can also compensate them for what they paid for and so they have more of a reason to report bugs to developers so they know whats going on.


Not if it’s an issue with your data store or something you implemented, so this feature is definitely necessary.


Bumping this again.
It is a pain, for every developer, that wants to search up when someone bought something, and how many things that user has bought.
In case the user that has bought stuff from you in the group.
Doesn’t show their inventory (gamepasses, shirts etc)…

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I’ve recently been able to create something that solves this exact issue, I’m still testing out how viable it is so I’ll loop back later with a post about it.


Is there an update to this?

I believe a search would be a viable solution if a developer makes a mistake on something (eg. developer products) We can then trace back to verify their purchase