Group robux isn't added?


This window says I have earned 322 robux in my experience. But none of it is in the group payouts? Am I misunderstanding what this means? Somebody even said they bought something. But I still don’t see where the robux is going.


Roblox takes a while to get the funds into your group (I’ve heard on average of 3-7 days) you can check the pending funds to see if you have actually sold any gamepasses.


I believe premium payouts take 30 days to be added to your group funds.

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Nothing is in pending sadly. But that doesn’t mean much since i’m not 100% sure that the person actually bought the pass.

Alright thank you. I’ll wait until then

which experience? your experience or group’s experience?

if group’s experience try check group revenue tab

if your experience try check transactions

its a group experience and i already checked both group revenue and my transactions