Group Rollback Option

Since everyone thinks it’s hilarious to get high ranks in a group then change all the lower ranking groupies, let us save the ranks of every member and just be able to press rollback. Because as it stands im cleaning up the fucked up ranks of 7000 group members.


Having to manually set save versions of ranks is lame. Let us roll back all changes by particular users to <= a week ago.

We could have used this feature when one the of promoters in Innovation Inc had their account breached and everyone’s rank we changed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way works for me.

Someone could write a program that saves all ranks of a group whenever you want it to, and when needed,
make it rollback and restore the ranks of all members to the last save (or whatever one you’ve chosen).

omg you don’t need to save manual backups. You have this thing called the audit log. All you have to do is have a bot (or ROBLOX) run through the audit log up to a certain point in the past, find all changes made by a user during that time period, and do the opposite of the rank change that they did. This way, you’re able to roll back to immediately prior to when they went on a demotion spree instead of rolling your entire group back to your last backup which could have been days or weeks ago. It also saves you from having to manually back up your ranks, and saves you from forgetting to do that because there’s no need to remember to click a button in the first place. Using the audit log rollback method means it will work for actions done before the feature came out, meaning zech could roll back the changes with the feature – he couldn’t if it was a manual save because he has no rollback points right now.

But what happens to people who don’t want to be in your group any more? Your rollback would presumably force them to join without consent.

Rollbacks wouldn’t force people back into the group :confused: The only thing they’d roll back is rank changes for people still in the group (unless there’s some other rollback-able thing I’m missing EDIT: Maybe asset changes too)