Group Search Malfunctions

Issue 1: Group search doesn’t search titles
When searching for groups, you’ll usually type out the information as needed and go from there. With that being noted, when you search for one word in the group search, it’ll show the results relating to said word whether it’s in the description or name. If you search more than one word, it’ll show random results or results relating to one of the words, not the entire search.

  • If you search United States in the group search, you’ll receive results with United Kingdom, United Clan, and more.
  • If you search Moderation Service in the search, you’ll receive results with Fashion Famous, Special Air Service Regiment, a Prison Service, and other different groups.
  • If you search Law Enforcement in the search, you’ll receive results from Project Pokemon to a Russian Army.

Issue 2: Group pages not changing as needed
This issue is rather straight forward but if you search for something with a few thousand results, the pages setup will not change or will generally malfunction. An example of this is searching Law Enforcement, going to page 3,222 and then attempting to go to pages 3,111 or pages prior to that one; the system just shows the numbers changing but does not show new groups in the lineup.

I don’t have all too much experience with web development but with this issue I believe it’s also a result of the one-word search system. While attempting to check via the Developer Tools, it appears the GroupSearchResults data doesn’t change but the comment does.

Report Information
Multiple friends I’ve talked to have confirmed this as an issue for them as well, much of which use Chrome (I do as well). This bug is not just Chrome-based as I’ve attempted to do the replication on Microsoft Edge and Firefox, both of which yielded the same results as Chrome. With that, I’ve uninstalled the three browsers, attempted to do it after completely cleaning them of plugins and editing security settings, and the same results were yielded. I’ve had friends try it on Google Chrome Canary, Firefox, and others as well- same results.

As stated above, the bug happens across (all) of the tested browsers. It happens across PC as well as mobile, in-app or on the browser. I believe a screenshot would help just as much as the text does, therefore I haven’t included a screenshot or video as anyone can test it.


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