Group Store Page Not Working For Mobile Users

Recently I’ve been recieving messages from the clothing group (where I work in) wall saying that they can’t access the whole group store page and they don’t even see buttons to navigate through the group’s store.

I’ve encountered the bug on mobile myself and it only seems to occur for mobile users. (I couldn’t record it since there was an error when I was trying to upload the video here)

I’m not sure when it started happening but I could say it has been here for months.

I believe the best way this problem can be resolved is by adding the navigation buttons in the group store for mobile users too so that they can explore the entire group store, on PC the group store is just fine.

This topic is also related to this one here: Group store pagination issue


Can you provide your device details? What hardware and OS version specifically.


The mobile I’m using is a Samsung J5 and as you can tell the operating system is Android. The version of the android is 9.