Group wall comment post time [Timezones]


I’m TeaAndCopy. Currently, when you post a message onto the wall of a group, the details about the time of the post are displayed in GMT-6 (For some odd reason) I would have expected EST/PST… Nevertheless, I wish for a feature to be added which checks the user’s timezone so that the information can be accurately displayed in their area.

This is probably a really simple thing to add and would make the glancing at the comment post-time a lot easier & quicker.



I’ve wanted this feature for years. I think it’d be a cool minor change

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Something like local time that could also display on user profiles would be quite useful too.
It would be a nice addition to country selection in Settings, so users can display their local time or choose not to.

I don’t think it should replace the current timezone displayed all over the site, however.

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Or we could just scrap time zones altogether and use how long ago something was posted like discourse does, time zones are ugly to deal with from a programmer’s perspective.


It wouldn’t be as accurate but still a better option.

This has been posted a thousand times and ROBLOX has never given a response or made any changes to this inconsistant timestamp system.

ROBLOX doesn’t make small duct tape patches to pages. They resolve these kinds of issues all at once with page redesigns, which the Groups page already needs, and which is already on the ROBLOX staff’s radar. Giving them attitude isn’t going to speed the process up.


Hopefully this gets added to the lot of features for the group page revamp


This isn’t contained to the group page. Every timestamp on ROBLOX between the forums, group pages, game pages and everything else runs on a different timezone.

It’s not a ducttape fix to fix timezones across the website properly. It’s ignoring the problem because it’s not “significant” enough.

And given this issue has been around since most of ROBLOX’s inception I seriously doubt that’s a reason why they aren’t going to do it