Group Wall Filter System

As a Roblox developer, group owner, and player, it is currently too hard to keep group walls free and clean of spam from bots or just certain words in general.

To solve this issue, I propose Roblox engineers develop a few different features to detect and prevent spam along with empowering group owners to prevent spam themselves too.

Spam Filter
There is almost no doubt that there needs to be a filter that attempts to detect spam based on whether or not the same message has been previously messaged or contains and unallowed offsite link. Any messages detected as spam by the filter would be held for review, in a tab labeled “Likely Spam” on the group admin page, by a group owner or a user with the power to delete group wall posts.

Blocked Words
Group owners should have the power to set blocked words that are not allowed to be posted on the group wall.

Block Links and Hashtags
Group owners should be able to completely block any links and hashtags at all from being posted on the group wall. Any message containing a link or hashtags would be held for review under a tab labeled “Held for Review”.

The features I listed above are all in the YouTube comment section for each channel which does a really well job of filtering out spam compared to most other websites.


I second this! My group for Lava Tumble gets absolutely PELTED with spam. You can see all of the accounts that are not allowed to post on the wall due to phishing links here under the rank “I’m sick and tired of your bull”. You will notice some trends in the kinds of accounts that are in that role.

I might suggest to Roblox devs to have a 5-minutes-before-you-can-post feature similar to that of Discord’s to prevent spam.


same here, 51 pages under 1 day.

At this point, my group wall got burried under 51 pages of scam messages.

The only way to delete them is to get a group of people and keep deleting the posts.


Maybe we could implement a feature where we can massively delete group wall posts or slow down the scams?

Delete an entire page with 1 click?

Delete posts from a certain amount of time?

Make it so that theres a setting that new members cant post until they are x time in the group?

Captcha or some anti-bot features?


I have a joke group I try to keep as on-topic as possible, but after a couple days of neglect, I came back to a similar sight, except it was the product of a weeks worth of spam.

It’s horrendous that Roblox has done little to prevent spambots on a site-wide basis. There’s not even prevention methods on the account creation page.


I agree with this. I have several groups that are bombarded by spam bots. I looked at the group wall of one of them and there were at least 5 to 10 pages full of spam comments. This feature would allow me to block certain phrases on the group wall.

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