Grouping badges to their games in user profiles

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to create an engaging and social experience for my game’s badges, Currently, once a player achieves a badge in my game its just thrown into a (void in disguise) page with a load of other badges the player has earned from games around Roblox. This not only greatly decreases the value of collecting badges but also makes it extremely hard for a player’s friend to check out their badges for a game they both play and are competing in.

If Roblox fixes this, it would greatly benefit the platform and would be a big contributor to increasing player engagement and retention as they can easily see what they’ve accomplished and be able to easily show off to their friends which would create a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep achieving higher goals in games.

If the Badges were to be grouped under a game where I can just click on the group on my profile and it’d display all the badges I have earned in the said game.

Note: I’ve made another suggestion for badges however this is a distinctly different topic so I’ve made it its own thread.


Totally support.

IMO, badges can be a super awesome part of Roblox gameplay, but they are confusing and poorly organized in so many ways. Somebody should compile all the badge requests in one place - there are so many.

Badges need a revamp and I hope this is something that we can see soon!


Badges can be a very important part of gameplay rewarding. Consequently, I agree with you in that they should receive extensive updates to reflect their importance.

I think it would be nice to have a dedicated badge section on the profile page for displaying grouped badges. People would also be able to choose a primary game badge-group - the first badges to be displayed.

Totally agree with this. Would be nice to have.

Personally I feel badges are long overdue for a major update / refresh. They still feel like their original 2009 version, and less like an achievement system we see for almost any other game platform (Steam, Xbox, PlayStation etc).

They are still riddled with many issues like having a circular mask being forcefully applied.

I think this would be a great first step into a better badge / achievement system for our games.