Groups Missing Features on Mobile

I am pleased and happy to say that with the brand new group details overhaul that all of these features are now available on mobile devices making a much better mobile experience!

Currently, groups on the mobile app are very limited. The group pages themselves are missing many features that appear to be important features:

  • There is no option to delete your own wall posts
  • There is no option for group members with the permissions to delete other wall posts
  • Members with permissions to make shouts cannot make them on mobile
  • There is no store tab (this feature is critical for clothing groups)
  • There is no allies/enemies tab (important for war groups)
  • There is no games tab to display group games
  • There is no clans tab

As a Roblox Developer and Player it is currently too challenging to utilize all the features that groups have to offer across platforms, specifically group shout. The group shout is arguably the most important part of a group because you are able to community information between the creator or staff team and the member or player.

We used to be able to open safari or chrome, etc. on mobile and go to full desktop mode to post a shout, however it goes directly to mobile view of groups. This disallows group leaders to shout on mobile. This is a huge problem that has existed for several years and is long over due for a fix.

While I could appreciate the name change of “outfits” to “costumes” or the redesign of the developer hub for the fourth or fifth time, I personally would prefer if Roblox could focus on the part of the platform that I utilize the most. One that really has not received any kind of update, fix, or change since clans were released several years ago.

Please add group shout on mobile.

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