Groups Moderation

I recently have noticed a problem I can’t handle. So basically there are groups on Roblox braking it’s rules and it seems to me that reporting these groups doesn’t effect them at all. These groups are making up a potential danger for a lot of players. I am aware that in some cases AI is doing the moderation, but even in very obvious cases the AI doesn’t seem to work.

  1. Let’s start of with groups like this:

    It obviously is a scam and I am wondering how it even could have gotten through the chat filter so flawlessly.
  2. Tis case is also Murder Mystery 2 related, but on a whole other level:

    The “owner” offers T - Shirts that pretend to be gamepasses for the game. It’s a common scam technique, but if a moderator would look over something like this, they would never miss it.
  3. Here is typicall robux scam, but in the size of an entire group. You can see that the group’s icon was through moderation, but I assume it was only the upload moderation, otherwise the entire group would be taken down already:
  4. Another incident of crosstrading:

    This time it more look like a big scam and not even an attempt of cross trading.

After all of that I would like to know one thing. How am I supposed to report these group’s or what should I include in a report so these groups will be reviewed?

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