Groups not loading on account/Half of the games bug

Im here to share about my old account, not displaying any groups.
It just shows a loading thing.

[Its not that I have bad wifi roblox just messes with me and this happend for 3 years.]

It dosen’t display the groups on my old account.
Its just an bugged account. Some games had a loading screen which did not work for me since my account was bugged. I have no idea why roblox has not fixed it.
If you want to check my Old account for yourself here you go. : (6) ilovemypcyay - Roblox

[Sorry If I chose the wrong Category. I couldn’t find the Bugs one.]

Your account is hacked, you need to create a new account, there’s no fix.

It is not hacked. I’m 99% sure it isn’t.
Its a secured account, and nobody could hack into it.

bro i got hacked and i lost all my robux

Does it say you joined the group when clicking on a link to it? If so, try setting the group as your primary group and try again.

It just got fixed, but thanks for trying to help me.

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