Groups should be able to have divisions / sub-groups

As a developer, I find it hard to go through all of my joined groups to develop for a specific group that is semantically apart of another group. As a player, I find it hard to join some groups that use “divisions” to separate out parts of the group’s structure, as there are a lot of groups that are linked to the same group that have to be joined.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because it would reduce the time of searching all the groups I’m in, and it would organize groups and make extensions of groups possible.

Samples of groups that use “divisions” / “sub-groups”

As you’ll be able to see, all of these are groups that are intended to be used for one group. These groups that have similar logos are owned by the same person which means he used his group space to make these branches for their group.

The reason why these groups have separate divisions is so that they can better separate different parts of a bigger organization, have more group roles overall, can send out shouts separately to certain members, can regulate better who can join which group games, etc.

Examples through F.E.A.R



Examples through VSO

Credit to VSOGeneralShain1
This is when I searched VSO through the search tab on the ROBLOX Site.

Examples through Kestrel

Credit to leo0816
This is when I searched Kestrel. Two groups that are linked together and the third is a branch let go by Kestrel.

How the feature could work

So, to make a group you’d have to spend some Robux from the Group Funds, just like the typical group making process. However, depending on if the group has a abbreviation or not, the group would start with the original group name so lets say you have “Millers Mansion” as the group name, when you make the group, it would come up as “Millers Mansion: [The name you chose]”. There would also have to be a limit on how many. I figured you could do say 10 Mini Groups (groups inside of a group).

Abbreviation Idea

If you abbreviate the group name, it would change the “Millers Mansion” part of the name. Example: “MM: The name you chose”. That would be what it does, I figured you could have the abbreviation changing would cost actual Robux to prevent a consistent amount of changing. Let me make this a note… the abbreviation idea does not have to be a thing, I just thought of it as a solution for groups with giant names.

Use cases

  1. It would make it where groups can have multiple branches of a group. (i.e: a group wants a separate group to find new members for certain tasks such as clothe designing or building and so on.)
  2. It would save group space for people who want to help groups but don’t have room for multiple groups designed to help one singular group.
  3. It would give one location for all the groups designed to be for that specific group.
  4. It would give more value to the group funds feature. As of right now, the most you can do with group funds is just pay someone the robux, split the group earnings and spend some of the groups funds on audios. There isn’t much value to the group funds in my eyes and this would help exponentially.

Why I want this

I remember I wanted to join a bunch of groups that worked for the same company but I never could due to group space. I’d end up having four of my five groups dedicated to one singular group but each be different branches of the same group. I see how cluttered having other branches/groups under the same group name is and I would love to see that clutter vanish. I also believe this would give groups more value as a whole. It would give groups more things to do and have a lot more added to them.

I thought of this randomly while going through some old memories of mine. I figured this would be a good compromise for group space, plus it would organize certain groups together. Feel free to let me know your thoughts and opinions.


I’m giving this post a bump to try and get other peoples views on this idea I had over a year ago. Please, send me a message with any feedback you have.


So something similar to the legacy clan system but more customisable? I think this could be cool, but I question how it’d be implemented in the backend

The best way I’d implement this is creating a collection of groups sort of thing. Similar to how universes handle multiple places.

UserIsInSubGroupOfGroup i guess?


Indeed, the idea to deal with this in a scripting format is to have a table of all the groups and you can check to see if that player is in the said subgroup.