GroupService:GetGroupInfoAsync() failed because HTTP 404 (Not Found)

I am trying to get the owner of a group, but this method always fails and it causes the same error every single time. I found 1 topic about this, but it had no answers. I was using a pcall before, but I realized that it literally never ran successfully so I removed it so I can debug faster.

if gameID.Creator.CreatorType == "User" then
		creatorId = gameID.Creator.Id
	elseif gameID.Creator.CreatorType == "Group" then
		creatorId = GroupService:GetGroupInfoAsync(gameID.Creator.Id).Owner.Id

This script works perfectly fine if the creator is a user, but if its a group it will just give me the same error (Topic title).

it looks like you’re trying to use a UserID for the GetGroupInfoAsync() function, though if I’m not mistaken the function requires a group ID.

You can find more info about it in the documentation.

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Im using :GetProductInfo() to get the game info so it shouldn’t be the issue

local function getInfo(id)
	local isgame
	local gameInfo

	local success, message = pcall(function()
		gameInfo = game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):GetProductInfo(id)
		isgame = gameInfo.AssetTypeId == 9

	if success and isgame then
		return gameInfo
		return nil

Which returns something likes this

	 ["AssetId"] = 10355512029,
                    ["AssetTypeId"] = 9,
                    ["ContentRatingTypeId"] = 0,
                    ["Created"] = "2022-07-25T16:36:18.887Z",
                    ["Creator"] =  ▼  {
                       ["CreatorTargetId"] = 15480932,
                       ["CreatorType"] = "Group",
                       ["HasVerifiedBadge"] = false,
                       ["Id"] = 3741913119,
                       ["Name"] = "Aficionados"
                    ["Description"] = "Its best to play with a friend and only talk in game using you're phone.

Game Jam project

{ Work in progress }

Animator - cyrusrobloxplayz
Builder/GUI - TheMr8bit
Scripter - cakeycocoa

You might be wondering why we didn't use teleport service so we dont have to shutdown the server when 1 player leaves, well thats because the GameJam had a rule to not use teleport service.

                    ["IconImageAssetId"] = 11300039640,
                    ["IsForSale"] = false,
                    ["IsLimited"] = false,
                    ["IsLimitedUnique"] = false,
                    ["IsNew"] = false,
                    ["IsPublicDomain"] = false,
                    ["MinimumMembershipLevel"] = 0,
                    ["Name"] = "Alteration",
                    ["ProductId"] = 0,
                    ["Sales"] = 0,
                    ["TargetId"] = 0,
                    ["Updated"] = "2023-03-26T07:30:32.983Z"

But I just realized that Creator.Id isn’t the group ID for some reason.

Looks like I need to be using Creator.CreatorTargetId not Creator.Id, also sorry for not mentioning that im using this method to get the IDs and stuff earlier.

No worries, atleast the issue was found!

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