GroupService:GetGroupsAsync vs player:IsInGroup & GetRankInGroup

Today, I have been wondering which api is better then other,


Returns a Array contacting every group that player is currently in.


Returns as boolean


Returns the player’s rank in the group as Int

Which API Do you use more?
  • GroupService:GetGroupsAsync()
  • Player:IsInGroup or Player:GetRankInGroup
  • Both

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With GroupService:GetGroupsAsync you’re able to check Name, ID, Rank and more. while IsinGroups checks if that player is in group.

for i,v in pairs(GroupService:GetGroupsAsync(Player.UserId)) do
	if v.ID == 000000001 and v.ID == 000000002 then

if Player:IsInGroup(000000001) and Player:IsInGroup(00000002) then

This basically works the same but one uses the table and the other can’t check player Group Primary and the name, but which is API is more better?

It ultimately depends on your use case.

If you’re looking to collect every group a player is in, then use GetGroupsAsync.

If you’re looking to see what a player’s role in a group is, then use GetRankInGroup.

If you’re looking to see if a player is in a group, then use player:IsInGroup.

GetGroupsAsync doesn’t cache so GetGroupsAsync. It also allows me to make cache, rank refresh and permissions systems whenever I want to frequently read a user’s groups and/or their standings in those groups. For example, I might allow the user to have a refresh button if they get promoted while playing so they can immediately start doing activities with their new ranks.

I find that using the player methods (IsInGroup, GetRankInGroup and GetRoleInGroup) is just a weirdly bad habit and they don’t work for my use cases where I prefer having a cache that I can control. In new work I never use the latter two/three.