GRP 4.6+ Profiles

Hello GRP community!

With GRP 4.6 comes our migration to the group page, which will provide our development and staff team a heap of features to keep things running smooth. A system has been created for data conversion, which requires just a couple easy steps to set up.

  1. Join GRP 4.5 -!/about
    Joining GRP 4.5 will load your data onto our servers, and set up your transfer. Ensure you click the “OK” button at the bottom of the prompt!

  2. Join the Datacenter -!/about
    When you arrive in the datacenter, you will see a button prompting you to create a 4.6+ profile. Click it, and wait a few seconds. You will be teleported.

After this, you will arrive at GRP 4.6. If you run into any issues with your data, please let one of our moderators know. They can be reached via Discord or Roblox messages.