GTA V's Sandy Shores Project in ROBLOX!

Hi there everyone. So I have recently made the decision to start a project to which I hope to eventually turn into an actual game. So it is based around GTA V’s Sandy Shores. There are a couple of free models and some assets from other developers, but apart from that, what do you think?

Please leave any suggestions down below! :))


It looks pretty good, but in the last picture, the texture on that building is a bit off. Overall I like it!

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Possibly replace it with “We have bloxy cola” or just delete it and leave it blank.

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Ah good idea, would not want to be taken down. Thank you!


Thank you! Hopefully I should just be able to union that or something and should look fine. :))

This looks good, however there is way too much trees. Sandy Shores is surrounded by a desert so there aren’t that many trees

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Thank you, although it is based off Sandy Shores and not an exact copy I will defiantly take this into account! :))

Bloxy cola is better than anything :+1:


I am actually going to make a bloxy cola animated meme ad.

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I really really like it. I’m not a big fan of the “realistic” trees? They always look out of place in Roblox because of the way they’re done I guess; Are you using Future Lighting? I feel like having some lights around could help to make it feel more alive.

Please do, it’s important for human development.

Don’t forget to add Trevor’s house!

Try to keep textures down i suppose, however that is Really Epic!!!
Keep on doing it, probably make it a group and I would also want to roleplay there!!! xd

I’ve put Bloxy Cola now, thank you! :))

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That is what I plan to do hopefully. :slight_smile:

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That is coming very soon! I’ll keep you updated on it if you’d like. :slight_smile:

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Alright, I’ll defiantly look into that. I’d highly appreciate the future lighting as it is really not a strong point for me! :slight_smile:

I agree, I don’t think mentioning those drinks go within ROBLOX’s Code of Conduct

Yeah, I’ve changed it to Bloxy Cola now. Thank you! :slight_smile: