Guest mode in login screen


Why does this still exist? The web designers failed to remove it from the login page revamp; not released to the public (beta list). It would be good for it to be removed.


Hi @Iiau

Thank you for reporting this issue. Can you also include the link to where you see this page and the steps followed to get there please.

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I think only beta list members can see this.

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Do you remember how you got to that page? In an incognito mode browser, I went to and was given the current login page. I tried logging in from the Games page and got a a small popup rather than being redirected to a different page.

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All I did was log out.

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It looks like Roblox is doing an AB test right now which varies which login page you get. There are some discrepancies between the pages that the engineers are working on fixing, but the guest login is intentional as they haven’t been completely removed yet.