"Guests Gone Hiking" GFX

Another attempt at 3D GFX and rendering, and I’m proud of it! This time, a night scene at the heels of nature.

If you would like to know the usual information, go to this DeviantArt page.

I may not be as skilled as Nibroc-Rock, some of y’all GFX artists, or those professional 3D artists probably working at Pixar, but I’m falling in love with "GFX"ing already! I’m ready to create more GFXes about life on Robloxia.

Anyway, feedback? Anything to improve on? (Also, who’s behind that tree over there?)


cycles suck


If you want to fix the weird cycles thing, go to shader tab/nodes and the bottom one that is connected to alpha, disconnect it. (you have to click on the char first)

Secret r/wooosh for myself…

Thanks, even though it was supposed to be a joke.

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Looks very nice. But actually whos that behind the tree? :thinking:

Looks good!

Btw, if you’d like to fix that transparency problem in Cycles (take a look at the male guest, he’s bald, lantern’s missing, and also his torso’s gone!) just go to Render Properties>Light Paths>Transparency. Usually it’s 8, so just go ahead and set that to 0.


Looks really good! I like the guests being together and being watch by the character in the back T-posing!

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Really really nice! Wouldn’t change a thing honesty.

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It’s really good for a game thumbnail. I’m really being honest, it’s perfect!

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You should add a watermark on it so no one can steal it.

Oh yeah, great advice for the person that made the GFX. The person who made that GFX should add a watermark on the top left corner.