GUI 'Addon' for the default VehicleSeat interface

Was in a situation where I wanted to add a bit of functionality to a vehicle I created, but I thought making a proper user-interface from scratch for just 2 buttons would be unnecessary. I made a small frame and took some time to place them exactly under the speedometer on VehicleSeats, then decided to make it public so people don’t have to stop and take measurement guesses themselves.

Here is the model link

Or if you’d rather just have the values, here they are:

AnchorPosition = 0.5,0
Position X = 0.5,0
Position Y = 1,-70
Size X = 0,165
Size Y = 0,50
Style = DropShadow -- The style for the speedometer's background frame. 
-- If you go to the length of getting the position and size just right might as well get the style the same.

Hope this is not too short for Community Resources.