GUI Appears Bigger and Smaller on some Resolutions?

Hello guys. So, uh I wanna let you know that How am I to be able to fix this? GUI Health Seems bigger and smaller in some other resolution how can I fix it


The first image here is what I want to achieve

Second here the resolution here is 1920x1080

Here is the third problem when I change to 1366x768 It’s changed to this and I want the first picture to be the final product, How to fix this. I hate making gui bruh

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Edit: I also tried using AutoScale Lite still, It doesn’t work Also yes, it’s using scale not offset

so you are using a plugin. Then It’s hard to explain

but can you share screen shoot of the studio
for the position and size of the red bar and
Inventory menu 1-10 (just one of them) or just the parent frame if they have.

I will help you edit the size and position manual way if I can

but I want to know will you use this GUI for all device + mobile or no?
because For 3 mobile device only can have 8 or 6
I test it

Inventory Hotbar: The hotbar is a grid layout

Health Bar:

I hope you could help me

Since I want the game to be available only at PC, I wanna fix it only at PC Resolutions…

You will want to use the same method regardless, since computers have varying resolutions.

Also, can you post your current hierarchy… because i can see your health bar size is limited by a UIConstraint.

This is just an example because I don’t where did you place the GUI from it’s parent


and can I see how your works on 640x480?

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