GUI AutoSnap Broken

Is it just me or did the GUI used to AutoSnap to the red line.
If so why did they change it? and is there any revert

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i didn’t even notice it wasn’t working (but it works when positioning)
i actually think this is better since people should learn to size their stuff properly instead of scaling by hand

it’s better to just put 1, 0, 0, 50 as the size

1,0,0,50 ??? this is the whole screen, what if someone does not want the whole screen?

This has to be a pretty awful change for UI designers.

It’s not really “sizing” its just not having the ability to snap the size to make it perfect ,

i said 1, 0, 0, 50 because i thought the TextLabel was inside of the frame

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Ah, this still seems like a backsword’s step?
Does it not?

not when you use the properties constantly

i personally never scale by hand because the UI needs to work on other devices (also the snapping would mess you up when doing elements close to each other)
you’d get used to going straight to size & position when making UI

maybe it’s just me

True, but I feel this was a massive backswords step for people like me that mainly script and want to test things out on a GUI before hiring someone to professionally create a UI?

Is there any good tutorials for UI-Sizing?

i don’t know any good tutorials since i don’t watch any
you could try looking on youtube

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