Gui being cut off from the left and right sides on mobile

Anyone know how to Deal with this? I’ve used many plugins that correctly resize the UI, but still in many instances the UI gets cut off from the left and right sides despite that. This is so unbelievably annoying in so many ways! Anyone know how to work around this at all?

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try UIAspectRatioConstraints if it doesn’t work tell me

Unfortunately that didnt resolve the issue…

is QuestsFrame scale and position set to “scale”? and does it have “ClipDescendants” set to true?

So I figured out that the main background was clipped because of rotation, now i’m just trying to figure out why everything else is now clipping?

All of them are set to scale and have clip descendants on aswell

yea clipdescendants is the reason for that. any frame that is inside of the frame that has clipdescendants on that goes out will cut off