GUI buttons not working on local test client

I can no longer interact with any GUI button in the PlayerGui when using a local test client in Studio. Buttons in the CoreGui work as expected.

I’ve been able to consistently reproduce this by doing the following:

  • Open ButtonRepro.rbxl (14.7 KB) in Studio.
  • Press Start Server with 1 Player selected.
  • Wait for client to load and try pressing the button. Nothing happens. Also note that the AutoButtonColor behavior isn’t working either.

Not sure exactly when this started happening, but probably after the latest Studio update.


Not being able to test my game in studio has made for a frustrating few hours. Please fix this as soon as possible!


getting this too

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I am getting this issue as well. Extremely frustrating to not be able to test what I am working on. Hoping this gets a quick fix.

Yeah. I had this issue. Suddenly it got fixed though. I’m guessing a flag was toggled?

This should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience


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