Gui changes not replicating to server

This seems primary, but I’m only now realizing it:

  1. When running the game, if I make a change to a property of some Gui on the client, this change is not replicated in the player’s Gui, corresponding to the Server
  2. But if I change the same GUI property of the player on the server, then this change is replicated to the client

Is this right? I know yes for modifications in parts, but I thought that for Gui the replications would happen on both sides.

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Yes this is the correct behavior. If you want to pass UI information on the client (like if the player clicked their backpack button and need their inventory from the server) you would send a remote event/function to retrieve it.

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Essentially, this is how roblox’s replication works with properties:

  • The server can change a property, which replicates to the client unless the client has changed the property previously
  • The client can change a property, however, it doesn’t replicate to the server. Instead, it prevents the server from replicating changes to that property.

This is at least how UI replication works, not 100% sure otherwise.