Gui, Current players, Viewport Frames, I want to mix em

I would like to grab the current players from my game, the models specifically, and place their model (or a clone rather) in a viewport frame. my local script below clones and enables archiving so that isn’t the issue. The issue is below.

Here is me grabbing the players, but the same player in viewport frame

Player1 is running Player2 is stationary, but in the viewport frame they’re both running, meaning that only one player character is being displayed.

My current set up works to an extent it duplicates my own player character though, it doesn’t clone the other player characters. As seen above in the screenshot.

Reason I think why here

The localscript is housed in the template, and its grabbing the player.Character, me? After its cloned its still grabbing my player character. even for both templates that have been cloned and repurposed for each player, mimicking their names at least. but not their respective player.Characters.

I cannot seem to find any solutions to this particular problem. I’ve searched far and wide, I don’t want to animate the viewport frames I just want to see a pic of their character. and everything I’ve found has been animating viewport frames, or doing everything client side. I need it to be server/client side.

Code here
----Local  Script inside the template that also houses the viewport frame--
local zoomOut = 5
local VPF = script.Parent:WaitForChild("ViewportFrame")

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

function render(object)
	local cam ="Camera")
	object.Archivable = true
	local clone = object:Clone()
	clone.Parent = VPF
	local cam ="Camera")
	cam.Parent = VPF
		if object:IsA("Model") and object.Humanoid and object.Head then
			cam.CFrame =["Head"].Position + (clone:WaitForChild("Head").CFrame.lookVector * zoomOut)+,1,0), clone.Head.Position)
		elseif object:IsA("Part") then
			cam.CFrame = + (clone.CFrame.lookVector * zoomOut)+,1,0), clone.Position)
	VPF.CurrentCamera = cam

function ResetVPF()
	VPF.CurrentCamera = nil


---- ServerScript function that adds players to frames---- 

local function addToFrame(player) -- Add Player Frames to Gui 
	local MainAdmin = player.PlayerGui.Admin:WaitForChild("AdminButton")
	local MainUi = MainAdmin:WaitForChild("MainUi")
	local pI = MainAdmin:WaitForChild("PlayerInfo")
	local Template = MainAdmin.Parent.LocalScript:WaitForChild("Template")
	---Getting all local Players
	for _, plr in pairs(game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayers()) do 
		---Creating Templates for each player
		local NewTemplate = Template:Clone()
		NewTemplate.Name = plr.Name
		NewTemplate.PlayerName.Text = plr.Name
		NewTemplate.PlayerName.Name = plr.Name
		NewTemplate.Parent = MainUi		

Been trying to work on this for 2 solid days with little breaks, Its driving me insane, I’m thinking about creating a thread in discussion about finding a mentor that may want to work with me on my scripting abilities.

I hope this is enough or even more than you need to know to answer the question. And I apoligize if it isn’t enough. I’ll add whatever is needed to make it more understandable. Bottom line is I want to grab each player currently playing in the game when I’m there, Place their model clone(archivable) in the viewport frame when I open my gui so that I can alter their stats from there… if I’m feeling generous.

Use the resources out there. Search up viewportframe for roblox on youtube, and you will find some decent tutorials(make sure to check the likes to know if it is indeed reliable).

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I really tried this I’ve been through the basic toots where they talk you through, and the ear bleeding dubstep text to speech or straight up mispelled text on screen toots. and they’re informative but as stated in my OP, it’s always client side, I cannot find a way to incorporate all players currently in game. I’m sure I’ll find out somehow or I’ll scrap it like so many other projects, I haven’t been able to figure out lol.

Can you tell me the main issue? I am little confused at what you said lol. If you explain it to me better I may be able to help you out.

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I want to grab all players from my game, the ones currently in server playing. and place them in a viewport frame on an admin Gui I’ve created.

You want all the players in one viewportframe?

No sorry I wrote a script that duplicates a template. In the template it has a viewport frame each character would have their own viewport frame.