GUI DisplayOrders and ZIndexes fighting with eachother..?

Have a draggable inventory. Inventory Screengui (with all the frames buttons scripts etc) and the same with a separate Warehouse Screengui. In my script, when i pick up an item to drag, i set the display order of the parented screengui to 10 and leave all of the other ones at 0 where they belong. If I don’t do this then when I drag over, the item goes behind the screengui.

That is as designed, i understand, i combat it with changing display order to 10.

As you can see in my vid, at the beginning its printing the hovered slot at the intended speed, but when I’m dragging it, it’s intermittent and dodgy with seemingly no condition on whether or not it gets hovered. The hover part in the script is simply a one liner to set Hovering to the slot when MouseEntered event occurs.

Is this not currently possible? I have another function to just right click it to go over but I’d like a fully modular experience .

Thanks in advance. (Yes I know my GUI’s look like an outhouse)

Vid link:

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Okay so the recipient ScreenGUI of the dragged imagebutton has to have its Active property disabled. resolved.

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