Gui doesnt look good with the game

Tried making a “Health” gui for rocks and stuff in a topdown type game, and the currently gui just doesnt fit, looks horrible

Wondering what you guys think could make it better / what could just be a better gui instead of this


You should definitely add a UIStroke (outline) to the background frame. You can also try experimenting with UIGradients, see if it looks good.

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Alright added Some ui stuff to it, it just feels like it doesnt fit for some reason

Also whats the point of UiStroke?, it just feels like the border frames already have

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It’s just more customizable. And plus, it works on all GUI objects.

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Makes sense,
Also is there a way to only round the corners of a frame on one side?, trying to keep the frame square against the edge of the screen but rounded on the other side

My suggestions are:

  • Make the Text White
  • Add Rounded Corners (UICorner)

You Can Add UICorner Then Tuck The Frame Out Of The Screen To The Right Just A Little.

What about this type of UI?
I think it’ll look good…

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