GUI element hover input end detection sometimes not working correctly

For some reason, the mouse hovering end detection seems to inconsistently not work properly.
If the mouse leaves the element quickly, InputEnded won’t fire and AutoButtonColor doesn’t seem to detect it either.

This isn’t limited to TextButtons – it happens with TextLabels too. I haven’t been able to test with the image objects yet, because every time I make a move to nail down the issue it seems to disappear.

Both me and two others have experienced the issue - I noticed it last night (at the time of posting it is early evening for me), and one told me that they (and the other person) have been having the issue for about a week.

I have not experienced it in-game myself (lack of testing probably) however the others have had it for about a week. I’m on Windows 7 and they are on Windows 10.

I have no specific reproduction yet, as it’s an inconsistent issue, but at this stage I think you’d want to have maybe a TextButton inside a ScrollingFrame inside a Frame (for real usage), with a script hooked up to the button’s InputEnded and InputBegan signals to make some hover effect so you can see when it doesn’t detect mouse movement ended.


That’s an issue that’s been around for years, InputEnded and AutoButtonColor used to not have that issue. This is also inconsistent - MouseLeave is consistent.