GUI Feedback and Suggestions welcomed

Currently working on a game where the GUI’s theme color will be based on a brownish texture. How can I make the left side blend in better with the brown background? Should I also make the edges smaller to make it look more sharp/crisp? The GUI is very basic at the moment, so please keep that in mind. (I should note, I changed the scrolling bar to look different.)

Thank you.


I don’t really have the best eye for good UI design, but I think this is quite good, actually.

However, you might want to tone down the saturation on the colored buttons, as the brown isn’t very saturated.

But again, I think it’s pretty good as-is.

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So since the brown colors are saturated, should I make all the colors saturated? So it blends?

Sorry if I didn’t really word it that well. I meant that the brown background of the GUI is not saturated, so you should make the colored buttons less saturated to fit in better.

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I recommend getting rid of the brown background entirely. However, if you prefer it, I’d make the background bigger, because the buttons take up so much of the brown, it’s barely noticeable. Besides that, this is definitely a really, really high-quality UI. Good luck!

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Looks pretty good, no contrast issue in my opinion, but I hope you can use more tween on the GUI, like button effect on clicking.

The thing is you just kinda don’t blend such bright colours with like a blandish brown texture. Unless you literally wanna make a fade in the button, or make the brown bit bigger. Take my word with a grain of salt though am not much of a ui designer, this is coming for a laynman’s perspective

Unless you wanna keep that bright colour pallete on the buttons I’d suggest making it more pastelly and bland to fade it in better with the brown.