Gui For An FPS Game


Right now, I’m working on an FPS game, but I found myself in a kinda interesting problem that would require your opinion.

So back in 2017-19, FPS games had guis with hard edges, like these:

Some of them may not be curved, but they do look old.

My question is: Shall I make the gui in my game as old as the above one, or more modern like in Black Hawk 5, or actually what is the current design?

I don’t really play fps games, and I don’t know if developers already make guis with UICorner, or I should make it simple and clean and modern in 2022 with that typical FPS style?

To be honest I prefer both, that’s why I’m asking the forum for some help or maybe how to make it.

My question is, what is the current and accepted style of guis in FPS?


Most of new fps games use Modern designs and i can’t really think of an game that still uses old “hard edges” buttons, but it’s still depending on what game you are making. If you are making an SCI-Fi game like Arsenal you should go with Modern style or if you are making a game like Phantom Forces you could use the older design but abit darker. Or you could use your imagination and be unique and use differnet fonts or just different GUI design.

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I’d personally go with a modern take as that’s what I think looks good in most cases. Take inspiration from things you like and make UI that conveys things well enough. The style, I feel, doesn’t necessarily matter as long as it doesn’t hurt gameplay. Example, using a bright blue text for everything and a bright green background would be an eye sore.

Try not to do the first image’s font, personally it just looks weird. Make sure the is GUI not taking most of the screen’s space like the second one.