Gui for some reason isnt fitting right on mobile

Hello! I made a ui bar and with uiaspectratios and its called. It looks perfect on computer, and the phones emulator. Im not sure if this is a problem with my phone but when I play it the ui doesnt touch the left screen instead it floats. Can anyone help me? Here is how it looks on the emulator:

On my actual phone(the model is google pixel 6a) everything is slanted to the left. Im pretty sure this is a problem with the os. But if not please let me know! Thanks

You’ve made sure to use scale instead of offset for the sizing and positioning of the UI’s?

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Yes! And it works fine on my computer and the phone emulator

can you provide how the gui looks on your phone? it isn’t really clear but I assume that the UGC button is not in the right side of the screen
You can fix this by using Anchor Point of {1, 0} and the Position X Scale set to 1