Gui glitching, not sure how to explain?


I’m not sure how to explain this the link shows for itself Idk how this happened but it’s annoying any fixes?


Are you using one frame as a main one? Handling many f ames by themselves can cause something like that. Try to create one main frame, and put other things in it.

Try using Size instead of Offset.

If you got more answers about positioning UI, take a look at this post:

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Everything is in one frame but there is one scrolling frame inside that one frame (along with other stuff), should I reposition it all and then use Autoscale Plus to convert to Size?

I positioned it with Autoscale and changed it all to size with Autoscale Plus (my ui) but now the scrolling frame, has decided to resize itself and I can’t seem to resize it back if you’re wondering what thr explorer looks like it’s this.

As I know, do not use Y.Scale in frames that are located in a scrolling frame, use Y.Offset instead. You can keep X.Scale at 1 to match the X size of scrolling frame.

Thanks, I fixed it myself, but thanks for the help!