GUI in studio doesn't look the same as in game

So I’m making a radio but the radio gui when opened in game looks terribly. But in Studio it looks fine.


How can I make it look good both in studio and game?

What is the position for the “Next Channel” button
Should be something looking like this
I just want to see so I can further help

Next channel pos:

{0.89, 0},{0.535, 0}

It’s probably because you have to put the “Previous Channel” and “Next Channel” Guis in the grey gui. It will make the two guis follow the grey one if he moves.

Using a GUI scaling plugin should work fine

Make an invisible external parent frame, with the maximum dimension you want for the entire set of frames, then put all the other frames inside it.
Always use Size.Scale to ensure responsiveness on different screen sizes.

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It seems you’ve mixed Offset and Scale together, try converting the gui into either Offset or Scale only.

Also, It may look different as the window is usually larger when ingame, when in-studio its normally a square.

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