Gui is streched

make scale take fit, and change scale values not offset

make sure position isn’t offset as well.

What do I change my scale to??

any thing that fits the gauges on the car lol, and if its in a frame scaling might be a bit weird.

The size you want it to be set to.

Same thing happens also, what do you mean by make sure position isn’t offset.What will anchor point do?

if it’s still stretching then I have no idea

Ok well I guess thanks for helping.

Hi there!

I used to get confused with the same ptoblem when I started UI design too, until I knew about the UIAspectRatioConstraint object!

Basically insert the UIAspectRatioConstraint object inside the main frame that holds the entire UI group, then set the value of the UIAspectRatioConstraint to achieve the size you want on all screens.

  • If you have problem with setting the values yourself, you can get the AutoScale plugin to set it automatically (depending on the size appearing on your screen).

Notice: Make sure you’re not using the device previewer while doing this!

So it kinda works but it doesnt stay in place
with toolbox

The scaling is my fault but it moves. Also sorry for late response.

You can use a UIAspectRatioConstraint to keep a GUI Object and its descendants the same aspect ratio

That’s because you have to place the UIAspectRatioConstraint inside the main frame that holds all the objects and not just the 2 frames that the problem occurs with. You can as well place it in each parent object, in case they’re split and not inside one object.

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The same problem still happens as the one in my reply to your first post.

Can you link the studio file that has that issue, and I’ll see what I can do to fix that issue. And I’ll let you know how I fix it.

I have made the chasis into a model as I dont know how to attach a studio file. Custom Chassis - Roblox

This UI is so poorly made, and I’m afraid I can’t fix it. It’s a lot better to design a custom one though!

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Quick question, how do you spot poorly designed gui? Other than that, thank you.

Good UI should be:

  1. Well organized in the explorer.
  2. Doesn’t contain repeated objects that would cause some lag on low end devices.
  3. Resizes automatically to fit the screen resolution.
  4. Has a good color scheme.
  5. Has a consistent style.

If a UI doesn’t at least meet 3 of these terms, then it’s considered poorly designed.

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Hey! So I have fixed my poorly designed gui and did what you said but it still wont work

Sorry for late response!

The UIAspectRatioConstraint needs to be put right below the holder/parent of all objects. that way it keeps all of the objects aligned the same way you intended as well as it would resize them together automatically.