GUI issue on respawn

local passivefolder = plr.PassiveFolder
                local ridablesfolder = plr.MountFolder
                local allpassivesfolder = game.ReplicatedStorage.Passives
                for i, v in pairs(passivefolder:GetChildren()) do
                    local plrpassive = allpassivesfolder:FindFirstChild(v.Name).Frame:Clone()
                    plrpassive.Parent = plr.PlayerGui.MainGui.Passives
                local allmountsfolder = game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Mounts")
                for i, v in pairs(ridablesfolder:GetChildren()) do
                    local plrmount = allmountsfolder:FindFirstChild(v.Name).Frame:Clone()
                    plrmount.Parent = plr.PlayerGui.MainGui.Mounts

this won’t add the gui for some reason, the ui is visible, and i don’t know, I tried printing after the code, the print works. I want the ui to save upon death, and i already have a folder in the player for that, for some reason it works when you first join the game, but not when you die and respawn.


Like if Wrote some things right Tested the code?

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I don’t understand what you said?

I was saying if you tested the code to see if you found any errors or not. I’m not a Professional yet so I’m asking @k1212ss

no errors on the code, i even tried doing a print function on it

Type what would be the function of this script for me to understand better. and Also if it is local or Script Server And when you start the Game, see in Console Developer if there is no error As I’m not a Professional Developer I’d Recommend You Search the Developer Hub If You Find It @k1212ss

server script, and its gui on respawn

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