Gui looks... way different on devices

So in studio, I make it look perfect but when I use the UI for other devices thing, it’s literally bizarre.

I tried UIAspectRatioConstraint and offset and scale using a plugin and anchor point at 0.5,0.5

How can I fix this?

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I cant Im on mobile

Its just your regular gui with a frame inside and all the textlabels and buttons inside of it looking normal until you try it out on another device. The main type of device having this is mobile, phones.

Make sure you are using scale and not offset.
Else you’re going to face some scaling issues.

hey actually you can make 2 different Gui and a script that detects mobile players then disables the PC/Console Gui And Enable Mobile Gui.


i thought offset was for positions… so how do I make it so that both the size and pos is right?

Im using AutoScale Lite by the way

Can you make it detect which type? Like there’s Ipad 2 and Samsung and one is good and the other is bad.

I use this when making GUI


Can’t you do something like this?

if ScreenGui.AbsoluteSize.Y < shopframe.AbsoluteSize.Y then
	shopframe.Size =, 422, 0, ScreenGui.AbsoluteSize.Y)
	inventoryframe.Size =, 422, 0, ScreenGui.AbsoluteSize.Y)
if ScreenGui.AbsoluteSize.Y < 400 then
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oh that is probably going to take too long since I only have a few hours to change the GUIs before a deadline-

Try AutoScale plugin! 30wordsss

i use it lol thats a problem since i make guis not explore them

You’re obviously using it incorrectly. Select your Frames/GUIObjects, then convert the size and position to scale.


You should probably give this person the solution thing @Not_1yo

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oh right i think i forgot to. sorry ryan

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