Gui not fitting in other devices

Ive encountered a big gui problem.
I was making some ui for my game and it obviously didn’t fit for mobile and other devices.

So I just used the autoscale lite plugin thinking it would easily fix it.

But for some reason, it didnt.

Obviously Im not an expert at making gui fit for every devices. So I have seen every single tutorial on this I can find, and all of them either did not work or made it worse.

Ive tried using UiAspectRatioConstraint but I couldn’t seem to find a way to make it work.

In IPad or Tablet, the gui is way too small, but in IPhone or any Phone, its way too big.

I need serious help with this.

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The only reason why this would be a thing is because the UI is sized and positioned using ‘Offset’ instead of Scale. If you go into the properties of the frames, can you ensure that they are ALL sized and positioned using scale?

Or you could use UIScale. Check what @PappyFrost said too.

Easy! get this plugin ([Plugin] AutoScale Lite for GUIs - Scale your UI) and follow this tutorial (RobloxStudio Tutorial - AUTOSCALE Plugin by ZacBytes - YouTube)

I made sure they were ALL scaled, none of them were offset.
Yet, it made no difference.

Didn’t you read the post? Thats what I was using in the first place.

As it turns out, I have not updated Roblox Studio in a long while, updating it actually made the plugin work somehow.